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Contractors Showdown Announcement & FAQ

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Contractors Assemble - The Showdown is Here

Dear operators,

We are honored to announce our new title, Contractors Showdown.

Contractors Showdown is a competitive battle royale FPS game set in the Contractors universe.

To seize the ground control private corporations dispatch specialized operators to uncover the groundbreaking secret by any means necessary. A large number of anonymous operators hired by large corporations, equipped with advanced equipment, have been deployed to the desolate island that was previously classified. Dropped onto treacherous land, operators have transformed the abandoned base into an arena.

Explore the uninhabited, rugged land that has remained ungoverned for decades. Survive, loot, upgrade, engage, and use your tactics against relentless enemies and dangers on the desolate island. Enter the combat solo or engage with allies to fight against all odds as a team.

Survival requires teamwork, adaptability, and skill to dominate. Experience the dynamic battlefield and intense firefights. There are NO RULES beyond victory on this lawless island.

Here we have highlighted some of the features that you may have in mind! This FAQ may change in the future as development continues.

Q: When is the release date for Contractors Showdown? A: The Contractors Showdown will be released in 2024. The exact date is TBD.

Q: What platforms will the game launch on? A: We plan to bring the game to all major platforms just as Contractors.

Q: What distinguishes Contractors Showdown from Contractors? A: Contractors Showdown features the fastest, most intense, and most tactical experience since our previous game, to lead an exhilarating fight across the dynamic battlefield and rugged terrain with boundless gameplay. In creating the advanced battle-royale experience, we created a 4km x 4km large map and added massive new features such as tactical PDA, call-in support, weapon customization, gear upgrades, damage indicators, etc. Furthermore, some long-requested features such as progression, matchmaking, and daily quests, will also be included. Our goal is to create an even more thrilling and engaging experience than what everyone experienced in Contractors!

Q: Will Contractors Showdown allow mods? A: No at the first time of its release. Adding mods to Contractors Showdown is a complex task. We will listen to the modders and collect as many opinions as we can, and decide if the mod will be added after we have finished and released the base game.

Q: Does Contractors Showdown support crossplay? A: Yes. Crossplay is a feature that we always prioritize.

Q: Will there be an early playtest for Contractors Showdown? A: Yes! Please stay tuned to our Discord and we will recruit beta testers in the future.

Q: What's the future of Contractors?

A: We will continuously update Contractors to version 1.0 as promised. We understand that everyone may feel worried about Contractors. As previously mentioned in the above question, we have refined many of the shabby mechanics from Contractors, and added many new features for Contractors Showdown, some of these can be integrated into Contractors in future updates as well. A new quality-of-life patch will be released in July to address some of the glitches and optimize some features. Check out our sitrep to learn more:

Q: When and where can we expect more info from the Contractors Showdown?

A: You can always check out more info on our official website, Discord, and social media! From now on, we will release artwork and videos every month on our official website, Twitter, TikTok, and Discord channel to keep you updated!

We believe you have plenty of questions in your mind! This FAQ will be updated from time to time as the development process goes on. Be sure to come back to our Discord server and social media to stay tuned! And please let us know your thoughts through Discord or our official website!

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Caveman Studio


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